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Direct Mail Part 2

Direct Mail Part 2: The Data and Direct Mail Connection  

Our first direct mail post outlined some of the many reasonswhyto pursue a direct mail campaign. In this post, we’d like to cover exactly howwe can use your datato drive superior direct mail marketing results. Companies are increasingly deriving marketing analytics through all kinds of channels – social media, transactional reporting, surveys, and the like. It’s time to consider how data-driven technology can also be used to create effective mail campaigns. 

When approached with a direct mail project, most printers will immediately execute the campaign, giving little thought to the customer’s marketing data or past direct mail performance. However, at Minute Print, we offer consultative approacheson how to use your company’s analytics for the most tailored campaign strategy. We do this by evaluating your past response rates and identifying the specific needs and interests of your audience.

We often use data to determine the best type of direct mail campaign for your needs. For example, we may choose to target your audience with a “special promo” campaign, creating messages for birthdays or other occasions throughout the year based on information collected from your analytics. These are just examples – the opportunities are endless! Our consultative approach allows us to use data in a way that personalizes your direct mail efforts and reaches your audience more directly, while keeping print and postage costs as low as possible. 

As you can see, we go beyond putting “ink on paper” to ensure our customers are getting the best return of investment. In an age with so much data at our fingertips, we are committed to providing the most forward-thinking and innovative direct mail solutions. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your data accumulation practices and execute a campaign that utilizes this data in the best interest of your bottom line. 

Get in touch with the Minute Print team and let us help you explore the best direct mail options for your marketing goals!  Call us today at (716) 834-1895 to get started.


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